English long-distance triathlete Chrissie Wellington has done what others thought was impossible: winning the world championship less than a year after turning professional. James Styler talks to the two-time Ironman World Champion about success, pressure and neoprene pants.

VO2 Max - Ironwoman Extraordinaire

First of all, congratulations on winning your second IM World Championship title, Chrissie. How did it feel winning this year compared to your fi rst win, was one sweeter than the other?

Nothing can replace the joy and surprise of that very special fi rst victory. I loved every minute of being World Champion, but to be honest last year I was still a complete rookie and I really don’t think I fully appreciated the magnitude of what I had achieved. This year I have learnt so much, and relished the opportunities that being ‘top of the world’ brings. To repeat at Kona, and ‘do the double’, was absolutely amazing. I never imagined I would win once, so to win twice has blown me away.

I have to say, the second victory was even sweeter than the fi rst, for many reasons – because it was a much, much tougher race mentally and physically, because of the awesome support I received on the sidelines and online; and most importantly because my family and friends were there to sweep me off my feet at the fi nish line. Truly awesome. I am just so excited to be world champion again, and to have an extra 12 months (at least!) to do the work that I feel I only just started!

VO2 Max - Ironwoman Extraordinaire VO2 Max - Ironwoman Extraordinaire

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