If Chrissie Wellington goes to the start of a running, she wants above all one: To profits. Nevertheless, it has created the double Ironman Hawaii winner to preserve her looseness. Beside iron discipline and hard work is maybe just the successful secret of the special athlete.

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“Never change a winning team” is called an important successful rule. They have after two very successful years them Collaboration with her coach board Sutton finishes and the team TBB leave. What were the reasons?

I have the team TBB from the same ones To reasons also leave as for example Chris McDonald, Belinda Granger or Hillary Biscay. The whole team should one uniform Sponsoring appearance get. We were requested, ours to dissolve own Sponsoringverträge and to give notice our finance managers. I was not ready for it. I had several years’ ones Contracts with my sponsors, which I did not want to give notice. The decision, to leave the team TBB, is not to me easily like, but she had to be. In addition if way is not of board to the success, nevertheless the only one. Board was great Coach, he is miraculous Person and I has incredibly a lot of him qualified. Without him I would never be in such a way fast Ironman world champion become. And I am very thankfully for the possibilities, which I by the team TBB had, but I am glad me also on the future. Since: The New to try out, to adapt itself changes – nevertheless, it is about it in the life. Their new coach Simon Lessing was himself very successful short distances-Triathlet. However, as a coach he can up to now still no big success shows.

Triathlon Training magazine

What can you learn from him?

There are different reasons, why I me for Simon Lessing has decided. Really his training resembles in many Score to that of board. Is still hard work of the keys to the success. Nevertheless if quality stands always before quantity. One other point, to me in his training like, is, that it not so academically is. I must not constantly my heart frequency measure or load tests do. In addition, we get on personally very much well, he has a unique humor. And I need somebody whom with me train and, besides, can still demand me. He does not have maybe yet a lot of experience as a coach, but he is already for over twenty To years Triathlet. This counts. Thus preserves Simon me before mistakes, which he as a young one Athlete has done. There comes, that Simon not my only coach is. He co-ordinates indeed, the whole training, but in I will run from the specialist Darren de Reuck looks and with the swimming if I trust in the experience of Dave and Jane Scott as well as Wolfgang Dittrich. With them if I swim several times per week in Boulder Aquatic masters Swim club. They call your training holy. What passes, if to you, nevertheless, sometimes something in between comes?

Triathlon Training magazine

Can with it do you handle or are intolerable then?

If something unexpected like an injury in between comes, I must mine Training adapt of course. This must go I only learn. Earlier I simply have my program pulled through, now hears I even more to my body and pay attention on what he says to me. In general there is only completely few things, me of the training can hold. My life is regulated very much and the training is waiting always the first place. I cannot remember it, during the last two or three years to have missed a training unity. It is then, I was injured, on traveling or an important family affair came in between. After your impressive victory series– six Ironman starts, six Ironman victories, two of it on Hawaii – you stand In 2009 more under pressure than ever.

If you are also in this season unbeatable?

If I line up with a competition, then to win. I do not want seconds or fifth become. To reach this purpose, if I give always 100 percent, all the same, whether in the training or in the competition. And with every running I agree more Experience and learns, me physically and to put optimally psychically. This does me even better. Nevertheless: Nobody is unbeatable. And what the contact with the successful pressure it begins: I love this pressure, because he reminds me at the fact, that I Ironman world champion am. Of course brings the success additional obligations with itself. Press appointments, Sponsor’s obligations, if is all part of my everyday life. I must go very much be disciplined, to me divide my time well and my manager many tasks leave. On the other hand, the work gives me with the media the possibility, subjects in to bring the general public, to me importantly are. I do not see at all so much him Pressure, but rather the positives, with to the success comes. This gives me additional ones Energy. In addition, it is important, the things to move in the right relation. I have in to my life already so much done. Triathlon if is another, miraculous way, I go. If I do not win, goes the world not under. There is a life on the other side of the triathlon sport and this consciousness takes a part of the pressure of mine Shoulders and helps me, a chill one To preserve head. The distance of the Challenge Roth counts as the quickest of the world. How you prepare itself on a running before, that you up to now only from stories know?

And which Besides, you play role iPod?

I am stretched very much on Roth, because they Challenge is famous for her fantastic one, quick distance. Many great athletes were there already in the start. Particularly if I am glad about the fact, that mine Friends and my family from Great Britain besides, will be. And the German ones Spectators support all participants always really what is really great. Indeed, I have with Chris McCormack and Belinda Granger about the distance spoken, nevertheless, I prepare myself on Roth just before like on every other important one Runnings. And what concerns iPod: Before to a competition goes and I run them Distance always with mine iPod in the ears from, so that I with the running the respective ones Songs in the ear has. I love music, she does good mood and is one for me big motivation help. In spite of violent rain and chill temperatures became in Roth in the past Year the old world-best time immediately from two athletes underbid.

If you become on the 12th July try, this time once more to attack?

I will try to win the running and this as fast as possible. If besides, I put up a new record, the better. However, my most important purpose is the victory.

Up to now you were with every big running in fascinating form. How create They it, with such regularity on him To be fit sharp? If you have a certain one Tape ring-prescription?

I have to owe this to my coach. We have the competitions carefully selected and concentrate us upon three big runnings per season. I have no tape ring Prescription, to itself splendidly from him of other athletes makes a distinction. Five days before the competition reduces I the training circumference, however, I keep the intensity with. If my competition on Sunday is, graduates I exactly one week before my last long one Run. I have no steady rest days in that Week, but one recreational day two days before an important competition. Others I deny running from the training. My preparations for Australia, Roth and Hawaii everything follow the same one Pattern.

They also work before big runnings always very laxly. Are you really so cool? Or do you also sometimes torment selfdoubt?

In general I am quite loose, but to to a certain degree of course also quite nervously. I have big trust in myself, in my respectable training and my present success. This helps me in it, To preserve rest. In addition, has I develops a few relaxation technologies: Television, poems read, massages and with friends talk, none Triathleten are. If all that does not function, if I call to me the commensurability once more in the memory. Triathlon is very much importantly in my life, but it it is not the most important. I would have Hawaii with the Ironman also with thirty minutes of remains never given up. 10 triathlon training intro interview After a bicycle breakdown with the Ironman Hawaii In 2008 it looked for a short time in such a way, as whether you had to finish the running. Even her famous smile was for some Minutes disappeared.

How prepare They in the training mentally on repercussions and obstacles during Of competition before?

My problem on Hawaii was, that I him Tyre, indeed, had fast changed, but did not know, how one the CO2 cartouches properly touches down. I have this now in the training skilledly. This mistake does not happen to me once again. Nevertheless, I would have on Hawaii never given up. I would be myself with 30 Minutes remains again on my wheel risen. Around prepares for such repercussions to be, I precede the running in thoughts completely by. I remind me to problems from the training and from To competitions and concentrates me upon it, how I have mastered them. A flat foot during my first Ironman in Korea had cost me eight minutes, in nightmares d’Huez even nine and both times if I have won, nevertheless.

They have after only two years nearly everything won what there is to win. With which purposes do you motivate yourselves?

Two purposes drive me: First might I exhaust my potential as good as possible. I can do myself still so on many To areas improve, with the swimming, in Contact with my wheel or also in relation on my competition food to Example. To optimize these things, that motivates me. Secondly every victory gives me the opportunity to talk about subjects to me are important. I can give interviews, Speeches hold and people with my message reach. And to stand in the target line, to congratulate many Finishern and to talk with them: I love this in this Sport. Clear, I go to the start to win. But I do it also, around people to inspire and to motivate. If I even a person in addition bring can, To start triathlon, this does me very much happily.

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