World’s Ironman Record Set with TorHans Aero 20 Hydration System

International triathlete and 3-time World Champion Chrissie Wellington pilots the new TorHans Aero 20 hydration system to new world’s record.


ROTH, GERMANY, July 13, 2011 – TorHans, LLC debuts their newest and most aerodynamic hydration system, the Aero 20, at Germany’s Challenge Roth. World-renowned triathlete, Chrissie Wellington, mounted the new Aero 20 to her bike and broke the world’s Ironman record with a time of 8:18, eclipsing her previous record set in 2010. “It was superb to give the TorHans Aero 20 bottle its first race, and to make that race a world record breaking one!” says Chrissie Wellington, shortly after her record setting performance. “The bottle is simply superb – practical, sturdy, and incredibly aerodynamic and its great to have this bottle as part of my arsenal!”

Over 3 years in the making, the Aero 20 has perfected the art of front mounted hydration systems by reducing aerodynamic drag and ultimately increasing speed, all while holding 20 ounces of fill-on-the-go hydration fluid. “The new Aero 20 is nearly invisible to the wind,” says Hans Bielat, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, for TorHans. Bielat continues, “The Aero 20 produces the least amount of drag of any front mounted hydration system on the market today. That’s why it’s the favored choice for top professionals like Chrissie and others who want to increase their performance and achieve a new personal best.”

Kevin Cox, president and CEO of TorHans, was thrilled by Chrissie’s performance. “It was spectacular to see everything come together for Chrissie. She’s a great competitor and we are excited to have her as part of the TorHans team.” Cox adds, “TorHans is all about designing, developing, and bringing to market the fastest, most aerodynamic hydration solutions for triathletes and time trialists. Both the TorHans Aero 30 and Aero 20, along with the new Aero Tray, represent the best-of-breed in aerodynamic efficiency. The TorHans products are a natural fit for someone like Chrissie and we are looking forward to more great performances from her in the future.”

TorHans products are available at top triathlete shops in the US and throughout the world.

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At TorHans, we dream about making things invisible to the wind. We spend countless hours scheming of ways to make things appear not to be there. We sketch, we doodle, we scribble. We use napkins, iPads, airline tickets. We stare at airflow models. We spend days in the wind tunnel experimenting, changing, testing. We conspire against the wind. We trick it and we cheat it. Why? Because we are TorHans. We are committed to bringing you the fastest, most aerodynamically efficient hydration products available on the market today. We do it because, like you, we’d use nothing less.

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