Chrissie releases her new training programmes for triathletes and runners


Chrissie has teamed up with sports music expert AudioFuel and Universal Music to create Tri Harder – a comprehensive range of training programmes for triathletes and runners. Designed for use on MP3 players, the programmes provide the unique combination of Chrissie’s voice, to coach and inspire, and AudioFuel’s sports music.

“I feel very strongly that as a professional triathlete my impact and message should be wider than my performance on the race course, and last longer than my athletic career” says Chrissie. “Tri Harder is one way I can take my philosophy and learning out to a wider audience and help encourage people to participate in sport”.

Based on her own training schedules and applying the motivational techniques that she uses herself when preparing to race, Chrissie has worked with AudioFuel to design and coach the four products.


Lace Up is a twelve minute motivational warm up session. An ambassador of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Chrissie has decided that 50% of all sales generated by this Lace Up product will be donated to the charity.

Run Faster is an interval training session designed to help people increase the pace at which they run.

Ride Harder is a pyramid interval session designed for indoor cycling use on a turbo trainer or spin bike.

Finally there is a twenty five minute relaxation programme, Relax.

The Tri Harder product range has components that can be used by people across the fitness spectrum; from the novice runner right up to an elite athlete training for a full Ironman event.

Regardless of the specific target in mind, the overall ambition for every product is to motivate and inspire people to perform better and achieve more than they think is possible.

AudioFuel’s approach to training involves composing and compiling bespoke music and then combining it with coaching.

“The benefits of using music to enhance performance are widely accepted. What we’ve done at AudioFuel is analyse which components of mainstream music work most effectively, and then compose music that combines these key ingredients: beats to match the stride, consistently managed vibe to maintain energy plus relevant lyrics” says AudioFuel founder Sean Blair.

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