Now this blog isnt really about triathlon at all – its really an opportunity for me to bang on about something that i am passionate about, and have been involved with for some years –  toilets. Prior to my full time job as a sweaty, lycra wearing swim/bike/run beast, i worked on water and saniation issues, both for the UK government and then in Nepal. Part of my work was to try and implement a new approach to sanitation provision in Nepal, called Community Total Led Sanitation. The approach is founded on the belief that change needs to be driven by the communities themselves, demand needs to be initiated from within and the communities have to take control of their own destinies, finding solutions to their own saniation problems, through special awareness raising and empowerment methods – rather than having solutions imposed from outside/above. For those that want to know more a programme about CLTS is being aired on BBC World’s Earth Report over the next couple of days. Just dont watch it if you are in the middle of eating your bowl of porridge or a juicy steak….!

Earth Report: Clean Living

Forty per cent of the world’s population are without access to a latrine or toilet. In the International Year of Sanitation, Earth Report travels to Bangladesh to discover changing rural attitudes to hygiene. More and more villages are introducing their own sanitation and building their own toilets. Instead of top-down solutions, a new approach – Community Led Total Sanitation – has eradicated ‘open defecation’ in more than 300 villages.

Earth Report ‘Clean Living’ is broadcast on BBC World at the following times (all times quoted as UK time zone currently GMT): 10:30 on Monday 17 March; 15:30 on Tuesday 18 March; and 02:30 and 08:30 on Wednesday 19 March.

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