I’m not known as being a good cook (salad is my speciality), nor am I vegan/vegetarian, a raw person or intolerant of anything (except perhaps intolerance) I just like to mess around with flavours and ingredients. Sometimes successfully, but usually the experiment turns into a complete, inedible mush that you would only feed to your dustbin (= ‘trash can’ for the American reader).

I digress.

Despite the culinary incompetence for which I am famed, this mornings ‘experiment’ was rather more successful, and resulted in what I have called a “breakfast pancake pile of deliciousness”.

Bear in mind that the quantities of each ingredient are totally approximate, and that I cannot be held responsible if your version of the BPPoD doesn’t bear any resemblance to the work of art below:


One banana (mashed up so it’s no longer banana shape)

2 large eggs (chicken ones)

Tahini – I probably threw in 1 1/2 table spoons (could also use any nutbutter: that is, as long as you aren’t allergic to nuts)

Ground flaxseed (linseed) – a few tablespoons of

Almond Milk  – a splash (to be honest, any milk will do)

Blueberries – handful of

Cinnamon – sprinkle (maybe a teaspoon?)

Little oil for frying (or butter if that tickles your fancy)

Optional extra:

Honey/maple syrup/agave or whatever sweet delight takes your fancy

The process of making BPPoD is very complicated and goes a little something like this……Mash everything in a bowl, and then add the milk  (don’t make the mixture too moist) and the blueberries. Put oil in a frying pan over lowish heat, put BPPoD mixture in said frying pan. When you think the bottom is cooked put the pan under the grill to finish off. Use a spatula to lift the BPPoD off from the frying pan otherwise it ends up looking like scrambled eggs.

This serves 1 (greedy person like me) or 2 (foolish people who decide to share in the goodness)

Eat and enjoy!