Back in London I found myself sitting at my old desk at Defra, pushing paper again, but with a renewed determination to train hard for triathlon… although the less said about my first race of 2006 the better! On one rainy day in May I toed the start line at the National Sprint Championships – the Redditch Super Sprint. I had borrowed a wetsuit, which didn’t fit, it flooded, I sank and had to be rescued by a kayaker! Not the most auspicious start to a triathlon career! Undaunted, I bought another second hand bike (the trusty ‘Calvin’…Klein) and entered the Shropshire Triathlon in June that year. I remember being taught how to mount and dismount the day before, and use my shiny new clip-in pedals and shoes! Much to my surprise I won this race and qualified for the World Age Group Championships being held in September 2006 in Lausanne, Switzerland. I was put in touch with a guy called Tim Weeks, and pleaded with him to coach me. I trained really hard for the rest of the summer – juggling 20hours of training with my full time job. I was so pleased just to be going to Lausanne, and was immensely proud to wear the GBR vest and compete for my country. I had no expectations for the race, but was hoping for a top 10 – in my age group. To my surprise, I managed to win my age group and was the fastest overall female. To say that I was shocked was a total understatement. Winning this event blew me away and the party was one to be remembered!