Phillipino Pleasures- (round 2) and pommy pain

November 23, 2007

It is always good to be perky. Or so I am told. So what are the perks for a pro of being in the Philippines?!

  1. It is like training in a swedish sauna (unfortunately minus the Swedish boys). We are

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Hawaii Highs: the IM World Championships 2007

November 5, 2007

It’s been just over three weeks since Hawaii, and I think I am the slowest I have ever been – at posting my blog! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to put fingers to keyboard.

Much of …

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Iron Man Dream Come True

August 28, 2007

Overwhelmed, surprised and esctatic – there are not enough words to describe how I am feeling right now. I keep pinching myself to make sure its not a dream. Then I see all the chaffing and I realise what i …

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Worlds & Wheels

July 17, 2007

As far as weeks go the last couple have been pretty action-packed …..on 6 July I headed to Holland to race the ITU Premium European Cup at Holten. A disappointing swim/drown/boxing match, a snail-esque bike, but a good speedy run …

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Ironman Inspiration and Swiss Success

June 25, 2007

On Saturday Lizzy and I headed for Zurich to do the VW Olympic Distance Triathlon, a ‘little’ race to warm the crowds up for Ironman Switzerland the next day. The female pro wave kicked off ‘swiss time’ sharp at 13.20. …

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Blenheim Blog

June 6, 2007

Mazda Blenheim Triathlon

Last week I said farewell to the land of rice, noodles and cheap massage and headed back to the UK for a brief stopover before moving to Switzerland for our summer (and hopefully warmish weather) camp. I …

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May 10, 2007

I lined up at the start of the Subic Bay ITU points race with the usual mix of nervousness and excitement in my stomach. I was sure a few butterflies had become trapped in there, or maybe that was just …

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Phillipino Inspiration

May 10, 2007

There are downsides to this job. Constantly washing sweaty clothes is one. Having ludicrous zebra style tan lines is another. But there are some positives. Spending a week training and racing in the Philippines was one of these, and for …

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Taking the plunge

April 24, 2007

Joining teamTBB has been a total baptism of fire for me. Up until a few months ago my life consisted of juggling numerous balls – of the sporting, full time work and social variety – but I was finding it …

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