I have been vocal in my repeated calls for a stronger, more rigourous, coordinated and consistent anti doping programme within triathlon. Hence i welcome the recent steps that have been taken to address this issue by the sport’s various governing bodies and the increased media coverage that has been dedicated to this important issue.

Improved testing, coupled with openness, transparency and continued dialogue, regarding the policy and process, is crucial. In this regard i have decided to publish the full list of anti-doping tests that have been conducted on me since I became a professional in 2007. The information will be published on my website  – www.chrissiewellington.org/drug-tests  – and will include: date of test, location, type of the test (blood/urine/blood passport), result and the testing authority.

It is also my hope that other professional athletes will also decide to publish their own drug testing history so that a clearer picture can be obtained as to the frequency/location of testing (and the results) and that this information can, if necessary, be used to catalyse further improvements in policy and process by athletes, the media and the general public.

This is a small step that i feel will help to uphold triathlon’s integrity and reputation, ensure that the competition is fair, and provide proof that athletes can achieve great things without the need to cheat.

With smiles