While i am sitting here sunning myself in Spain my cousin Tim and our friend Russell Bunker (aka Bunks) are having the time of their lives in India. They are taking part in the Rickshaw Run – a two week race from the bottom to the top of India in a little motorised tuk tuk.  So whats a tuk tuk??! Imagine the largest, safest fastest, all-terrain vehicle in the world. A tuk tuk is the complete and utter opposite. Three wheels, half a horse power, uncomfortable, open sided and to top it all off Tim and Bunks’ machine is painted a delightful shade of lime green with scenes from one of Disney’s finest films – the Jungle  Book Tuk Tuk!

The Rickshaw Run is pretty simple. With no preparation and no tuk tuk driving skills whatsoever participants fly to the Indian Subcontinent and do their damndest to force these 150cc glorified lawnmowers over about 5000 miles of questionable terrain in around two weeks with no support at all. There is a start and an end point…… But what happens in the middle is anyones guess!

You can follow the adventures on the ‘Jungle Book Tuk Tuk’ Facebook page and on the Team’s page on the main Rickshaw Run website.


In addition to collecting sweat, tears, curries, smiles, flat tyres, and a few intestinal problems along the way, Tim and Bunks are raising money for charity – all the money will go to ‘Frank Water Projects’ a small charity which funds sustainable, safe, clean drinking water projects by installing village filtration facilities in India.

Donations to Frank Water Projects can be made at


Tim and Bunks are now on Day 3 of their adventure. And have already covered about 900km with no crashes, broken bones or mechanicals.  But there is a long way to go……..!!!