Chrissie took a unique pathway to professional sport. Growing up she never excelled at sport. She travelled the world for two years, gained a masters degree, worked as a policy advisor on international development policy for the UK government, lived and worked in Nepal and only became a professional triathlete at age 30 – having discovered a talent she never knew she had. Five years later she was four time World Ironman Champion.

Chrissie is passionate about using her platform to convey valuable messages, inspire people, and drive positive change across the world. She is an acclaimed public speaker whose impassioned, energetic and inspiring delivery encourages and energizes audiences to face their fears, set challenging goals, and defy what they think may be possible to achieve.

She addresses corporations, conferences, universities, schools, voluntary organisations and special interest groups with a message that goes far beyond triathlon and sport. Chrissie is passionate about a range of issues, and able to speak on a variety of topics to suit the organisation and situation. Of course, she is more than willing add a unique dimension to any event, with a run, ride or swim for the more adventurous audiences!

Chrissie works closely with clients to ensure that her speeches are tailored to suit the audience and the needs of the client. The numerous testimonials bear witness to this success.

Possible subjects include:

Being a champion

This enlightening address is designed to encourage and empower people to develop challenging goals, test their limits and defy preconceived limits of what is possible for themselves, and those around them to achieve. In particular, Chrissie focuses on:

  • Goal setting: never failing to try
  • Committing to excellence rather than mediocrity
  • Amassing knowledge and resources
  • Developing and following a plan for success
  • Leaving no stone unturned: focusing on the minutiae
  • Facing fear of change: taking risks, innovating, adapting
  • Developing, and working in, a team
  • Overcoming adversity: determination, positivity and resilience
  • Living life without limits: defying what is possible

Health and physical activity

With inspirational anecdotes about her own pathway to success together with practical tips and advice, Chrissie motivates audiences to make changes and mainstream health and physical activity into their lives.

Increasing participation

Chrissie is passionate about the power of sport to create positive outcomes from the local to the international level. She is actively involved in a variety of efforts to increase participation in sport and physical activity in the UK and around the world and is committed to continuing work with willing partners, in all sectors, to drive this change forward.

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