XLAB Signs Ironman World ChampionChrissie Wellington For XLAB Rear Hydration, Inflation and Storage Racing Gear

Escondido,California -March 30, 2009 – XLAB announced today a multi-year partnership withIronman Triathlon World Champion Chrissie Wellington. Chrissie will competewith the superlight XLAB Carbon Wing Rear Hydration Carrier, the Anti-LaunchCarbon Gorilla Cages, and the Tri-Frame Specific Carbon Chimp Cages as well asother XLAB equipment.

Chrissie said “XLAB offered me Systems withtechnically superior cutting edge solutions, a wide range of accessories,continual innovation, and incredible worldwide customer support. I am thrilledto partner with the team at XLAB as they have the unique experience gained fromwinning 13 Ironman World Championships and I want to help them add to thatphenomenal record.”

The firstrace for Chrissie, with her chosen XLAB System will be Ironman Australia onApril 5, 2009. Chrissie said of her XLAB System for Australia, “We are good togo AND it looks awesome!” “Chrissie is such a happy spirit and an incredibleathlete to work with,” said XLAB Founder, President and Chief Designer CraigTurner. “XLAB is obsessed with speed and has the experience of an AircraftDesigner behind them. They ensure the equipment tests the best in the WindTunnel and yet is extremely reliable and cleanly designed, a great match for myCannondale Slice. Of course 13 World Championships prove XLAB is the number onein the marketplace” stated Chrissie.


XLAB’s 6Rear Hydration Systems and over 20 accessories provide race proven solutionsfor any Triathlete. Their Wind Tunnel tested ‘Optimal Airstream Position’provides the lowest drag and their legendary Gorilla cages are sought after byanyone wishing to keep their rear bottles in place. XLAB’s latest product is aDaylight Training Strobe Light designed to help improve the safety ofTriathletes training in their low profile position when it is difficult forthem to be seen by motorists. The Strobe fits all six XLAB Rear HydrationCarriers.

XLAB is thehouse brand of Airo International, and was founded in the early 90’s by CraigTurner one of the early innovative pioneers in Triathlon. With the World’sfirst one- piece aero bar, the World’ first compact geometry Tri-bike, and theWorld’s first combined Rear Hydration and Storage Carrier, XLAB has always ledin innovation. Expect more triathlon innovations from this passionate team.

Located inthe Triathlon Mecca of Southern California, XLAB distributes its productsthrough dealers in North America and to numerous distributors globally.

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