At the beginning of March we launched our all new women’s section on the site, and promised you “profiles and features from female personalities in triathlon.” Well, we doubt that there is anyone in triathlon right now with a bigger profile than Chrissie Wellington!


After winning the World Age Group Triathlon Championships in Lausanne in 2006, Chrissie decided to try triathlon full time in 2007, but who could have forecast what was to happen next. Two years on, two Ironman World Championships, an ITU World Long Distance Championship, unbeaten in five Ironman races to date, Chrissie has hit the sport like a whirlwind. So much so that established male pro Torbjorn Sindballe – a Kona podium finisher himself – said before Hawaii last year “I think she’s probably the biggest talent the sport has ever seen. I think she’ll win it, and she will win by a lot.” Well, she had a puncture… and he was still right!

Annie Emmerson caught up with Chrissie to talk about her 2008 season, and what lies ahead for 2009 and beyond.

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