Written by: Herbert Krabel
Slowtwitch.com: The Chrissie Wellington factor
3-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington will also be at the start line of the Amgen Tour of California stage 7 time trial and that adds an interesting twist to the event. At the 2008 Alpe D’Huez Triathlon, the Brit with the big smile finished second overall and is well known in the triathlon world for her cycling prowess. But this TT is of course a slightly different affair.

Slowtwitch: Chrissie where are you right now?

Chrissie: Sitting on my backside in my passion pad in Boulder, Colorado. The snow is melting and I am awaiting 70degree temperatures so I can get those tan lines in tip-top shape.

ST: We heard that you are taking part in the Amgen Tour of California stage 7 TT along with Chris Lieto and Chris McCormack. Is that the case?

Chrissie: That might just be true! When I heard Dan Empfield was doing it I got straight on the phone to Bill Rudell at Cannondale and begged to be able to race! Fortunately they were able to pull a few strings and managed to get me a start.

ST: What is your goal for the TT?

Chrissie: I don’t expect too much. To beat Chris L and Chris M would be fine. ☺

ST: Do you think you’ll have quite a few guys running scared?

Chrissie: Is there running involved? If that’s the case then I might be in with a chance! No seriously, I don’t think the guys are too worried about me chomping at their heels. I am there for the experience. I have never done a TT before, or been part of any kind of high level cycle race – and so I want to soak everything up, race with everything I have, and relish the fact that there isn’t a swim before hand and a run afterwards (although I might try and drag some of the boys out on a little post TT jog if I can!)

ST: Actually Chris Lieto mentioned (interview link below) that he hoped that you wouldn’t beat him.

Chrissie: Yeah, he did offer to pay me a few dollars not to bruise his ego! Honestly. Chris is in another ballpark. My only chance of beating him would be to put him on a cruiser bike with huge nobly tires and a basket on the front!

ST: Any predictions on how well Lieto and Macca will do?

Chrissie: I am sure they can more than hold their own amongst the big boys. It’s going to be fun to watch!

ST: You may recall that Lance beat Lieto in that impromptu TT in Hawaii by 9 seconds and we now are seeing a rematch of sorts. Your thoughts?

Chrissie: I think it will be a close call, but I think if Lance pips Lieto in LA then we might just see Lieto get his own back on the lava fields in October 2011!

ST: Any changes to your Slice for the event?

Chrissie: No changes. My Slice is perfect just the way it is! You may just see me in a different style Louis Garneau helmet though. (I like to give the forums something to talk about!)

ST: Is 70.3 Kansas next after that?

Chrissie: It is indeedy – and truly, I can’t wait! I feel really good and just want to get back to where I belong – on the race course! Kansas 70.3 is such an awesome event. The community spirit is superb, and the race director Ryan Robinson puts on such a great show. Myself, and a number of other pros, are hosting a dinner on the Friday evening before the race so that we can mix with some of the age groupers, give away some great freebie products donated by our sponsors and most of all raise some serious dollars for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS (www.waronals.com). I think it’s great that Ryan is enabling the pros to combine triathlon and development like this – and use the sport for a wider cause.

ST: What about after that?

Chrissie: It will be all systems go for Challenge Roth on 18 July. And did I say I was excited about going back there? You bet I am! My first ironman this year and I will have a whole heap of my family and friends coming to watch (or was that the German beer and sausages they are after, I am not sure!)

ST: Anything else new and exciting?

Chrissie: Yes. But if I tell you I will have to kill you. ☺

As you know, I have just signed a great extension to my partnership with TYR, which I am super happy about. They have supported me in so many ways since 2007 and there are some exciting things in the pipeline with regards a bespoke Chrissie range… which will be far more stylish than I actually am!

I have some great new sponsor partnerships – with a UK company called FitKitPro (www.fitkitpro.co.uk) which produces suspended bodyweight training equipment and with Greepers Laces (www.greeper.com). Greeper is a company set up by a guy in the UK and, not only do I love the product, I love the business philosophy in that a significant proportion of the laces (and the soon to be revealed ‘Live It: Love It’ Chrissie edition) will go to charity.

And of course, my LG helmet is pretty new and exciting too!

ST: Thanks Chrissie

Chrissie: Always a pleasure! (and just tell Dan Empfield that I will be chasing him down at the TT next weekend!)