After winning her third Ironman in eight months, England’s Chrissie Wellington is an IronWoman on a roll.

Competitor Magazine So*Cal - may 2008

England’s Chrissie Wellington has come out of absolutely nowhere to become the dominant force in Ironman racing. It all started with her win at Ironman Korea last September, and was followed up with her huge victory in Kona on October 13 when she ran the second-fastest marathon in Ironman World Championship history (2:59:58). On April 6, she kept her string alive with another amazing performance, this one at Ironman Australia. She ran 3:01, the third-fastest run of the day for a male or female, plus she finished ninth overall and broke the existing course record by 10 minutes.

Competitor Magazine So*Cal - may 2008 Competitor Magazine So*Cal - may 2008

Last November, Wellington came on The Competitors with Bob Babbitt and Paul Huddle to fill in a few of the blanks in her background. The interview is on

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