There is a clamouring for free, easy to access, community led, sociable, activities for all the family. parkrun is one such offering. Here are just some of the reasons why I have become involved in the organisation, and am leading the development of the series for juniors (4-14yr olds) across the UK.

  • Not-for-profit social enterprise delivering free opportunities for physical activity
  • A run not a race
  • Open to all, no matter what ability or background
  • Free, weekly, community based, timed 5k runs on Saturday mornings
  • 2km runs for juniors (currently 4 in the UK)
  • Organised by the community for the community
  • 209 locations throughout the UK
  • 90 global locations across USA, Australia, Denmark, Poland, South Africa, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and soon Russia (growing by around 2-3 events per week)
  • UK database of approximately 550,000 runners
  • Global participants number approximately 100,000
  • 32,000 weekly runs in the UK
  • 10,000 weekly runs globally
  • 3,200 total weekly volunteers
  • 49% of registered runners are female, 51% male
  • 8% of registered runners are aged 4-15years
  • parkruns increase participation in regular physical activity, enhance mental and physical well-being, build and enhance friendships, increase local community cohesion and strengthen family relationships

To me, parkrun epitomises all that is great about sport……

For more info check out the website at