Today i received an amazing email from a wonderful woman.  Her story reminded me of exact ly why i love this sport (aside from the opportunity to have supersized calves and wear skintight attire). I thought i would share her message in the hope that it will inspire and encourage everyone to test themselves and reach for the stars…

The message went like this…….

“I watched you on tv at 250 pounds (im 5’2). Back then I loved to eat my weight in cupcakes on the couch. One day there was nothing on the tube but Ironman. I didnt even know what a triathlon was.  I watched you get a flat and then win. From there all I wanted was to be an Ironman. The next day I joined a local gym, put a down payment on a tribike, and bought good shoes. 10 months later I lost 120lbs and finished 12 sprint triathlons. In the next sesson I did 3 olympics and the next one half ironman. In 12 weeks I will finish my Ironman in Napa California. I will be taking you to the finish. When ever training is hard or I just feel in doubt, I think of your flat. You didnt stop and neither will I”.

It is women (and men) like this that are the heart and soul of triathlon.