We all religiously fill in our training logs. They have swim, bike and run on top of neat little columns. They might even have another section for any extra comments… Like ‘I was like Michael Phelps in the pool today; Chris Hoy eat your quads out, or ‘a plank of wood could have run faster than I did’. These logs make clear that our sport comprises three disciplines, but this triad would fall over like a drunken sailor without a few more pillars to hold it up. I am not talking about the greatest race wheels or the newest go faster lycra with added anti chaff, I am talking about rest and recovery, and one of these extra curricular activities – my favourite subject – nutrition.

During my university days my definition of food and of drink was a curry and a Bacardi Breezer. Since then I have embarked on a slightly more healthier nutrition plan: courtesy, in part, to the pearls of wisdom imparted by my good friend, and Don of Nutrition, Professor Asker Jeukendrup.

We are bombarded with messages like ‘lose 100kg in 10 days by only eating Jelly Babies’; or ‘eat 20 grapefruits and shed 25inches in 24hours’. Forget the majority of these fads. Healthy eating for athletic performance is not rocket science (I am fortunate not to suffer from any allergies or intolerances). The basic principle is this: keep it simple, eat natural foods as much …

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The Three-peat: Rock and Blazeman Rolling at Kansas


With the wide variety of races on the triathlon circuit it is hard to decide which ones to do. But after about a 10 second deliberation I decided to return to the wonderful town of Lawrence for the Kansas 70.3 to attempt the three-peat victory run down the yellow brick road, hand in hand with Dorothy and her sparkly red shoes. Of course, I also wanted the opportunity to get back together with the brainy scary crow, the hearty tinman and the courageous furry lion.  Despite having had three years in which to practice my singing skills, my warbling rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ still left a lot to be desired though (in fact, on that note – or …

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Riding the Wave: practice, perseverance and perspective


As many of you know i write a monthly column for the British triathlon magazine, 220.  For those who dont have the opportunity to buy this wonderful publication,  i thought i might post my most recent warblings about race day highs and lows….

……Its that time of year again.  Daylight lasts more than 6hours, grey turns to green, long winter warmers are replaced by flesh bearing shorts/mankinis, the Christmas pudding poundage is slowly dissipating and race kit comes out from hibernation – yes, the 2011 race season is well and truly upon upon us!

Those who have endured my rambling blogs would have realised that I experience the rollercoaster of feelings and emotions before, during and after a race like …

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Ironman South Africa: Biltong, Braais, Beach Boys and Breaking Records.


I first visited South Africa in 1999, as a fresh-faced university graduate dressed in flip flops and dubious coloured beach shorts, embarking on a two year global traveling adventure. Sport comprised dancing all night at music concerts and exercising my drinking arm by sampling all the local grape derived beverages. I travelled for a month with a Brazilian (girl, not the beauty treatment) called Aline, an Australian named Luanne, and a South African called Jude. With her unbridled passion for the natural world, it was Jude that changed my outlook on life, encouraged me to be introspective, identify my own individual passions and aspirations, and have the confidence to pursue those dreams. And that, I realised, was in international development. …

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Publication of my drug test history


I have been vocal in my repeated calls for a stronger, more rigourous, coordinated and consistent anti doping programme within triathlon. Hence i welcome the recent steps that have been taken to address this issue by the sport’s various governing bodies and the increased media coverage that has been dedicated to this important issue.

Improved testing, coupled with openness, transparency and continued dialogue, regarding the policy and process, is crucial. In this regard i have decided to publish the full list of anti-doping tests that have been conducted on me since I became a professional in 2007. The information will be published on my website  –  – and will include: date of test, location, type of the test (blood/urine/blood …

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Passion for the Park


Yesterday i had a great 45 minute steady (!?) run with one of my old friends, and super marathoner, Lucy – who i met back in 2003 when i was training with the legendary coach Frank Horwill. We headed to Richmond Park, which is a stones throw away from both our houses. Richmond Park is a haven of tranquilly amidst the noise and chaos of London, and never ceases to lift my soul, even on a dull, rainy day. The Park changes each day and with the seasons – the sight and smell of spring is particularly heartwarming – as the landscape is coming alive with new growth, as well as athletes eagerly preparing for the triathlon season and the …

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Ironman Arizona: Kipling, cacti and carnivourous consumption


As I have said in some previous musings, one of the things that lifted me back up after the disappointment of not racing the World Championships in Kona was one of my favourite poems – ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling. Reading ‘If’ over and over again, gave me the confidence to trust in the difficult decision that I had made but also to take responsibility for my actions; to immunise myself against others’ negative thoughts and opinions; to try and act with dignity and integrity especially when that Kona curve ball hit me square on the forehead, and to always continue to dream, but never allow that dream to totally control me. So after leaving Hawaii I headed back to Boulder, …

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Parasites and thumping tubs


I contracted my fair share of nasties during the time I spent travelling to far flung, and decidedly unsanitary, places around the world. I have had rabid dog bites, infected leech wounds, and more bouts of Giardia than Mohammed Ali had in the boxing ring. I have learnt to read my body pretty well and listen to the signals that it gives me. Spending half my waking hours with my backside attached to a toilet (toilet is maybe not the most accurate description. Hole in the ground, encased within porta potty style structure might be more accurate) whilst in Nepal was enough to signal the repeated Return of the Giardia Parasite (sounds like a low budget remake of a Star …

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Looking forward…


On Saturday I had one of the hardest decisions to make of my life – whether or not to toe the start line of the World Ironman Championships. In the end I didn’t race. But before I try and explain the decision that I made I want to start off with a huge congratulations to the amazing Mirinda Carfrae. Her performance on Saturday was nothing short of remarkable. She truly is a worthy World Champion.

So many thoughts are going through my head at the moment, and it will take time to sift through them all. I’d like to quickly elaborate on how I felt leading into the race and why I took the decision that I did. I started …

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Kona Countdown


So here we are, less than 2 weeks away, and I am sitting at LAX en route to the Big Island. All of the hard work (training wise at least) has been done, the next few weeks are about making sure I don’t undermine my fitness, getting a bit more rest and recovery and most of all enjoying the build up to the biggest endurance race in the world. Instead of biting my nails down to small tiny stumps, I try to focus my mind (and mouth) on the things I love about racing at Kona and being on the unique, beautiful and enchanting island of Hawaii. Here are just some of them………….

  • The entire population of Hawaii seems to

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