Lost passport: Muppet strikes again


I arrived at Chicago airport this morning, ready to board the flight to Toronto, only to realise that i had misplaced my passport. I have retraced every step and the elusive travel document has still not been found. Unfortunately this means that i can’t fly to Canada (or if i did i couldn’t then get back into US or fly onto UK), and so it is with great sadness that i am going to have to cancel the event at GEARS Bike Shop tonight. I really hate letting people down and was so incredibly excited about coming to Canada – words cannot express how sorry i am to inconvenience and disappoint everyone that planned on attending the event. Please accept my sincere apologies, and i will do my best to make it up to you over the next few months.…

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In memory of Frank


Almost five weeks has gone by since the death of one of the most influential people in my life, and one of the most influential people ever to have graced the sporting fraternity. That person was a wonderful man by the name of Frank Horwill. Frank died on New Years Day 2012 aged 84. His body may have departed, but his legacy will forever live on in my memory, and in the thousands of other’s whose lives he so selflessly, generously and inspirationally touched. Those words are Frank in a nutshell. Selfless, generous and inspirational. And to that I would add intelligent, witty, non-conformist, loyal, passionate, energetic, and side splittingly funny. He was a man of many talents, some of …

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The build up to the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY) Award has caused more than a few raised eyebrows. The selection process, for those who are not aware, is relatively simple. The BBC selects a panel of ‘leading sports experts’ from various national and regional newspapers and magazines, who are asked to choose their top ten sportsmen or women “whose actions have most captured the public’s imagination in 2011”. From these nominations the shortlist is compiled. This list of publications and their nominations is at the following link. The BBC’s judging terms and conditions are here:

I have been vocal in my reaction to the shortlist and, with week’s worth of water having passed under …

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Picture 057

It’s getting to that time of year, in the Northern Hemisphere at least, when the triathlon ‘events’ list starts to look as sparse as the toilet paper in a porta potty on race morning; snow/rain and other such precipitous delights feature in the forecasts; your clothing has the words ‘long’, ‘warmer’, ‘fleece lined’ in the name and the lycra you have worn every day for the past year has started to reveal cracks that shouldn’t be made public. Yes, it’s autumn, or ‘fall’ for those North America readers.

For many athletes this means only one thing – ‘having it off’. Any wife/husband/partner reading this might jump for joy at these three (rarely used in the life of an exhausted triathlete) …

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World Ironman Championships: beyond my wildest dreams


Every once in while you are blessed with a very special day when history is rewritten, records fall and you surpass your own notions of what is possible to achieve. On 8 October Craig Alexander broke the long standing course record to take his third World Championship win, age group records fell, athletes overcame personal struggles and finishers finally grasped their own personal holy grail. I am so proud to have been part of that historical day.

This blog reiterates, and adds to, the messages I tried my best to convey at the Awards Ceremony. I apologize for my tardiness in putting fingers to keyboard, but there were some serious celebrations to take care of, some luxuriating to be done …

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War wounds: the fighting spirit


“Its not a race. It’s war”. Those somewhat macabre words were among the first that the amazing, multiple ironman champion, Bella Bayliss ever said to me. Back then, in 2007, I didn’t have so much as a triathlon vest – let alone a bullet proof one. “Once more unto the breach” and welcome to the frontline of professional sport. Indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am as fierce a competitor as you will find. Competitive with myself. Competitive with those around me. But the closest I get to actual warfare is calling shotgun to get extra legroom in a car. Top Gun is my idea of studying military strategy. I took up triathlon because I loved it, because of …

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The KPR and more: some thoughts, comments and suggestions


Last year saw a change in the way in which professionals qualify for the world Ironman Championships in Kona. The new policy, including the Kona Pro Rankings (KPR) System is outlined at the following link. As you will see 31 August marked the deadline for qualification, and thereafter the full set of Kona Qualifiers were announced.  Given that a year has passed since the new policies were instigated I thought I would outline my key comments on the system, with suggested areas for improvement. In addition to the KPR system, I have also added some thoughts on other issues, including prize money and timing/scheduling.

We have a unique opportunity to make sure our sport grows and expands, and benefits …

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Duracell bunny: the race of my life


I thought i would post the recent column i wrote for 220Triathlon Magazine about my attempts to speed up by slowing down 🙂 

……..I lie face down on the ground, tears of relief, pride and joy dripping onto the carpet, the clock over my head reading 8.18.13. I stand up, wobble, embrace those I care about most, and prepare for the deluge of photographs and interviews. Cameras, microphones and dictaphones, mobile phones and old fashioned notebooks are thrust under my nose, and within seconds the question is asked ‘Chrissie, can you go faster?’ Part of me wants to respond with ‘there are always areas of improvement, so yes, of course!’, but the other half thinks ‘please, just slow down, let’s …

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Head chopping: the importance of R&R


In January 2007 I went for a trial week with a certain Mr Sutton. Simple question ‘Do I have what it takes to be a professional triathlete?’ His slightly macabre answer being: ‘Physically yes, but I need to cut your head off’. Wishing to avoid decapitation I asked him to elaborate. ‘You don’t know how to relax, you are like a bull at a china shop, living at 100miles an hour. You don’t know how to rest your body and mind. Unless you can learn to do this you will never be a successful athlete’. Headless? He was right. I was that proverbial chicken. Given that ‘rest’ only entered my vocabulary as the beginning of a word ending in ‘aurant’ …

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Challenge Roth: once in a lifetime moments


Last years Challenge Roth was one of the most special days of my life, and one that I have replayed in my mind over and over again. I didn’t need to be asked twice to return for my third time, and on the 10th Anniversary, of this amazing race.

I arrived in Roth on the Sunday afternoon, and settled in with my wonderful homestay family, Gunter and Doris Mollinger, and Einstein the dachshund. Which didn’t actually dash anywhere. He ate and slept. A bit like me really.

As with previous years, I was presented with an amazing Audi Q5 from Feser Joachim ( to drive around in. Driving in the loosest sense of the term, given that I am not …

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