One great thing about life is that nothing stays the same for too long: including a woman’s ride. And mine is no exception. Of course, the P2C was a superb bike….and straddling it brought me a huge amount of success. But after winning Hawaii for a second time a number of offers came cycling onto my kitchen table. And like every woman shopping for shoes, clothes and a new steed it was important for me to take my time, man handle a few different models, mull things over, wonder if my bum looked big in it, and most importantly make sure the colour matched my lycra wardrobe before making my decision.


I am sure you were all on the edge of your saddles, waiting with baited breath, to find out who I would choose to go with, and now all has been revealed! I am super happy to say that, for the next three years my butt will be planted firmly on a Cannondale, and its finest Slice (they did try to get me on their incredibly aero Hooligan, but my bum looked big in that one –

And my reasons? To put it simply, it’s all in the package. And no – not just the dollar one. I think that Cannondale will provide me with the best and most complete package around – a full range of awesome bikes, years and years of experience, passion for triathlon and, just as importantly, superb customer service and support. And a Hooligan or two.

And the Slice – It’s awesome. I love it. Smooth, super comfy, no wobbles or dodgy vibrations, and I reckon its going to help me run just that little bit faster too. Our first outing will be down under in Ironman Australia on 5 April. I can’t wait to get to Port, enjoy some sun, sand, sea and Slice ….. and give my new machine the ride of its life!

And thanks too, to Marty at Genuine Innovations for a decade’s supply of all things gassy! I have a canister to practice with every day of the year….and am pumped and ready for action 🙂