I want to say thanks so much to everyone that made a bid in the ebay auction. It was very exciting to see the price get higher and higher, especially considering the reward was a few pairs of my smelly, almost radioactive second hand shoes – oh and a nice P2C frame with my illegible scribble on it! Huge congrats to the winner who bid an amazing $5300 for the tasty package……..

The money will go directly to Jon Blais’ ALS Foundation – with every penny be used to increase awareness of the disease, find a cure and make sure that Jon’s memory, determination and fighting spirit lives on.

I dont know if the winner is male or female, but if its male i would love to see him modelling the ladies small TYR tankini….:)

I am off to Argentina tomorrow, for a friends wedding and a few weeks straddling the saddle, cycle touring with some friends i made in Nepal. A world away from triathlon, and i cant wait!

Will be in touch again when i am back in UK, over-indulging in Christmas puddings and seeing what Santa has in his sack!

Smiles, and thanks so much again…from me and the BLazeman Foundation…..