So who is Jenny?! Jenny Hansen is an amazing 17 year old Blazeman Warrior who yesterday completed the WildFlower Long Course Triathlon – the only female participant under age 20 to attempt and finish the half ironman race.  Not only did she complete the race, she did it in true Warrior style – breaking the 11 year old course record for 17-19 year olds.  The new course record in the F 17-19 year old group now stands at 6:26:58.

The day was a wonderful celebration of determination and spirit.  She raced in her Blazeman gear and rolled across the finish line to salute ALS patients, to raise awareness and to raise money to find a cure.  Before the race, Jenny decided that she would give her finishers medal to Nancy (her basketball coach/mentor who has ALS) – and she did.

Jenny has raised over $11,300 toward her goal of raising $40,000 to cure Lou Gehrig’s disease (donations can still be mader at

Congratulations Jenny, and thank you for being such an inspiration!