Today was just one of those awesome days…..I have been smiling a beaming smile since the moment I woke up – a tough interval run session as the sun was rising against the mountains, an open water smash fest of a swim; the biggest breakfast you could ever imagine (would have filled a washing up bowl); a 2 hour ride, with the sun beating down and my legs going like pistons; a walk by the lake at sunset; all topped off with a dinner to rival the size of the washing up bowl breakfast. Doesn’t get better than that!

Oh, and Sunday is GOTRIbal day! For those who don’t know, I am helping a wonderful woman called Tanya Maslach set up a global networking organisation called GOTRIbal, aimed at getting women and girls involved in triathlon and sport in general. Check out for what the organisation is all about. It’s still in the early stages, but hopefully within the year it will have blossomed into something pretty special. So, on Sunday evening Tanya and I are having a cosy foursome with Babbit and Huddle on Competitor Radio. It goes out live on, (8pm Californian time) and will be posted on in the next few weeks. Hopefully some of our ramblings will be entertaining, and inspire as many chicks (and blokes in skirts) as possible to get involved!

Big Smiles