If I judged every day by whether I win or lose yesterday would be considered a ‘bad day’. I decided to have a shot at going short, and got a start in my first World Cup in Tongyeong, Korea. Suffice it to say it was a ‘learning experience’! I just didn’t have the skills I needed to be competitive. I am a grandma going round corners. I spent long enough in transition to have a 4 course lunch, and even on the bike – usually my strength I felt ‘flat’. But I need to have these days – because the ‘defeats’ expose my weaknesses, and enable me to grow, learn and develop as an athlete. As I said, I learn the lesson, and move on…determined to try and develop these weaknesses as well as working on my strengths. Of course I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t mix it up with the short course girls, but I have to cast a positive light over it. I have met some great people, eaten more seafood than your average seal, confirmed my dislike for pickled cabbage and demonstrated my complete lack of singing skills at the dodgy karaoke joint. ‘Like a Virgin’ has never sounded so bad.

So onwards and upwards. I am heading back to Flip Flop Pines for more heat. Then to Europe to hit the hills and get ready for IM Frankfurt – because if this race has shown me anything it is that, as the Spam emails I get always tell me, ‘size matters’, and I am definitely all about length!