4321 Challenge: a recap


After months and months of preparation, ups/downs, broken bones, healed bones, rebroken bones, blood, sweat and a fair few tears it’s so incredibly satisfying to being able to say that we actually completed the 4321 Challenge! For those who don’t know what these random digits stand for, the 4321 Challenge was basically a bonkers endurance feat concocted by four bonkers people who all happen to live in Bristol.

4 friends, 3 mountains, 2 wheels, 1 challenge.

It went a little something like this……

Start at the foot of Snowdon at 9am on Friday. Run 8 miles up the highest mountain in Wales, climbing nearly 2,789 feet. Hop on bikes for 168 miles of riding and 8,104 feet of climbing to Scafell Pike. Run 11 miles up said Pike, with 3,478 feet of climbing. Cycle 253miles to the foot of Ben Nevis, with 13,615 feet of climbing. Arrive at 2am ready for a 10 mile jaunt up and down the highest mountain in Britain: 4,593 feet of climbing.

Total = 29 miles of mountain running and 420 miles of cycling. Just over an hour of sleep. All in 47 hours and 47minutes.

Did I say bonkers?!

There’s not one adjective that comes close to describing how I am feeling a few days after we finished at Ben Nevis’s bottom…exhilarated, motivated, exhausted, overjoyed, satisfied, relieved, drained, inspired, and so incredibly incredibly empowered.

For me, the whole point of life is to …

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Eating Disorders in Triathlon: a 220 article


For those who haven’t seen this 220 magazine article from 2013 is well worth a read.

Food for thought



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A Response to Parliamentary Commission on Physical Activity


Attached is my response to the UK’s Parliamentary Commission on Physical Activity’s recent call for evidence on increasing participation in physical activity, with parkrun as a case study. It’s rather long, but I hope it makes for interesting reading!

Physical Activity Commission Submission FINAL


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Response to DfE guidance on behaviour and discipline in schools


This is written in response to the Department for Education’s recent guidelines on behaviour and discipline in schools, in which it states that ‘extra physical activity such as running around a playing field’ could be used as a disciplinary measure.

The health, educational and societal benefits of physical activity are known and unequivocal. School is the one place where everybody gets the opportunity to take part in physical activity and, as such, has an important role in the development of a lifelong sporting habit.

The House of Commons Education Committee, in its report “ School sport following London 2012: No more political football” recognised school sport as a driver for improved health and educational outcomes, as well as helping …

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Breakfast Pancake Bonanza


I’m not known as being a good cook (salad is my speciality), nor am I vegan/vegetarian, a raw person or intolerant of anything (except perhaps intolerance) I just like to mess around with flavours and ingredients. Sometimes successfully, but usually the experiment turns into a complete, inedible mush that you would only feed to your dustbin (= ‘trash can’ for the American reader).

I digress.

Despite the culinary incompetence for which I am famed, this mornings ‘experiment’ was rather more successful, and resulted in what I have called a “breakfast pancake pile of deliciousness”.

Bear in mind that the quantities of each ingredient are totally approximate, and that I cannot be held responsible if your version of the BPPoD doesn’t …

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New Year’s musings: body confidence


Happy new year to you all! Hope you celebrated in style and are looking forward to an amazing 2014, full of challenges, goals, fun and laughter.

In response to some requests on Twitter, I thought i would republish my ‘A to a Q’ I received for my column in 220 Magazine  – all about body confidence ….

I am new to the Triathlon scene and what bothers me more than the actual race is the worry of not being comfortable within myself when wearing my Tri suit. This is not vanity, otherwise I’d be fussing over what colour, or what make the ‘cool’ kids on the scene are wearing. No, this is more about wanting to change my mind set

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An open letter to Simon Jenkins


Dear Mr Jenkins,

As four-time World Ironman Champion, this letter is in response to your 17 September ‘Evening Standard’ article regarding the ITU World Championship event, held in London on 11-15 September.

My response is structured around your main assertions and comments, as highlighted below:

“I am all for London serving as an occasional venue for such public events”.

It would be useful for the reader, politicians and sports’ governing bodies if you could elaborate on the criteria that would, in your view, make for a worthwhile public event.

The Notting Hill Carnival is held annually, affecting West London communities – yet is also rightly valued as a cultural celebration that is of immense social and economic importance. Equally, …

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What’s so great about parkrun?!


There is a clamouring for free, easy to access, community led, sociable, activities for all the family. parkrun is one such offering. Here are just some of the reasons why I have become involved in the organisation, and am leading the development of the series for juniors (4-14yr olds) across the UK.

  • Not-for-profit social enterprise delivering free opportunities for physical activity
  • A run not a race
  • Open to all, no matter what ability or background
  • Free, weekly, community based, timed 5k runs on Saturday mornings
  • 2km runs for juniors (currently 4 in the UK)
  • Organised by the community for the community
  • 209 locations throughout the UK
  • 90 global locations across USA, Australia, Denmark, Poland, South Africa, Republic of Ireland, New

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Increasing participation of women and girls in physical activity


I read this BBC report today with interest.

It tells of falling participation in physical activity and sport amongst women and growing disengagement of young girls, in the UK. This is based on a study undertaken by University College London, in 2008-9.

The researchers found just 51% of the 6,500 children they monitored achieved the recommended hour of physical activity each day. For girls, the figure was just 38%, compared with 63% for boys.

Granted this was 5 yrs ago and hopefully much has changed since then, and especially following the 2102 Olympics.

But we don’t need statistics to tell us of the deep rooted, endemic problem. We only have look around us to see sedentary lifestyles, social unrest, …

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Be the Change


I have been promoted to write this blog for a number of reasons.

First was the email I received this morning from a very close friend with the words, “We cannot lose a single day in changing the world“. Second, was another email I received from an amazingly passionate person asking for suggestions for how he could put his desire to help others to practical use. Third, with today being the Anniversary of the opening of the London Olympics, it reminds us all of the invaluable part played by the volunteers – the amazing “Games Makers” – in making the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics the greatest sporting event the world has ever seen.

And last, I took a …

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